Creditmeck is the online personal loan offered by the BCC, the banking group of the Cooperative Credit, which includes more than 400 institutions distributed throughout Italy, with 4 thousand branches serving over 5 million customers. In June, the online loan has been deeply revised in all its aspects and presents some interesting news both for what concerns the interest rates and for the conditions under which it is paid. With Creditmeck you can request loans through the simplest and most daily technological devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones, thus making the management of your finances immediate and usable for everyone.

Technical features

With the online loan Creditmeck you can request up to 30,000 euros repayable in convenient monthly installments up to 84 months the new service of Digital Signature, allows you to sign the financing contract directly online and conveniently from your home.

On the home page of the Creditmeck website you can easily access a section where you can enter the desired loan amount. In a few seconds, depending on the duration chosen, the depreciation plan is calculated. These rapid steps allow the stipulation of a personalized contract that the user can approve and endorse by inserting the digital signature. In this way the request is promptly forwarded to the referring banking institute which, in the event of approval of the loan, provides to provide the capital in a short time.

Currently the applicant can also take advantage of a favorable promotional offer that provides an interest rate online with TAN starting from a competitive 6.95% and a total elimination of the costs of practical investigation.



Creditmeck, like all the main types of personal loans, falls into the category of “non-finalized loans”, ie not tied to the purchase of a specific asset. On the contrary it can offer a valid support for all the sectors of the associated life: the purchase of cars, motorcycles, household appliances, computers, renovations of buildings, travel and holidays.

In general, the request can be approved for all types of projects, concerning ideas, hobbies or passions to be implemented. The main advantage lies in the flexibility of the payment that can cover the whole amount or only one part, you can make it in comfortable installments or in one solution, thus modulating the individual budget.

Final considerations

Online loans have been on the market for several years now. This is a particularly direct, flexible and often more advantageous method of financing for the applicant, especially for the interest rates of TAN and TAEG.

Let us briefly recall the meaning of these two important indicators: For further clarity we highlight some differences between the rates of a loan. TAN and TAEG. The TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) indicates the pure interest rate, is expressed as a percentage and is calculated on an annual basis. Instead, the APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) accurately calculates the periods in which repayments are made and considers other incidental expenses (for example, management and collection costs, stamp duty, etc.). It is, in other words, a global indicator of the cost of financing.

The TAN and the TAEG with Creditmeck are quite convenient compared to other offers on the market. Indeed, thanks to the reduction of many fixed costs, lending companies that offer online loans can make available products from the most convenient conditions for the contractor, who will thus be able to benefit from an APR lower than the average. For example, requesting an amount of 2000 euro to be repaid in 12 monthly installments we will have a TAN interest rate of 6.95% which corresponds to an APR of 10.56% with monthly installments of € 173.01. Considering, on the other hand, a loan of € 30,000 repayable in 84 monthly installments, the APR falls to 8.38% with a monthly payment of € 466.84.

In conclusion, the most immediate strength of this type of financing consists in a greater speed in the procedure for requesting capital, thanks to cost estimation systems on the web, to which support is generally supported through telephone or instant messaging channels. chat line. In this way, the customer who wishes to activate a loan will no longer have to go to the branch of the credit institution, as in the past, but will have at his disposal real time clear and transparent information about the conditions of the loan. Above all he will be himself an active part of the process of stipulation of the contract being able to decide times and methods of activation and payment.