With a branch in five different countries, Gandalf is a credit provider on the rise. In the Netherlands, this lender has a head office in Amsterdam. The general headquarters of Gandalf is located in Berlin. However, many of the services are offered online to consumers. In addition to the service offered by Gandalf Dutch consumers, this lender is also active in England, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. It is striking that this company was only founded in 2014. A Dutchman was also involved in the establishment of this company.

Unlike many other lenders, Gandalf does not target private consumers. With its services, Gandalf mainly tries to attract business parties, whereby a number of requirements are imposed on these business parties. For a smaller one-man business, for example, it is not possible to request a business loan from Gandalf.

Borrow money from Gandalf

It is clear that Gandalf focuses on a specific group on the credit market. On the Gandalf website you can find a number of requirements that business parties must meet in order to be eligible for a credit. For example, a company must have a minimum gross annual turnover of 200,000 euros, the company must be active for at least 24 months and the organization must have a Dutch, business bank account. This logically does not apply to business parties who apply for credit from this lender in England, Australia, New Zealand or Spain. It goes without saying that your organization must be registered in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce.

If your organization is eligible for Gandalf’s business lending, you can apply for a loan online. When applying for a loan, you must upload a number of documents, which show that the income you have entered is actually met. Consider, for example, a copy of your VAT returns, a copy of your annual accounts, and so on. You should also provide insight into your bank details to get the loan allocated by Gandalf. In general, according to Gandalf, it takes no longer than 24 hours on business days before you receive a response to your request.

Advantages of lender Gandalf

With loan provider Gandalf, the opportunity is offered to borrow money without having to have any collateral for this. In addition, credit applications can easily be submitted online, which means that the credit is usually granted faster than through a traditional lender. After approval of your credit application, the credit is immediately available to you. You can decide yourself how much you will be withdrawing at what time, so that you can have the credit matched with your expenses or investments in a certain period.

Every loan that you take out in the two to three months after your credit application will have its own installment. In general, this pay-off period is flexibly determined, with a maximum of fifteen months. The credit provided by Gandalf can be very nice for the investment in new machines on the shop floor, for the prepayment of salaries if your debtors have not yet paid, and so on. You may also be interested in taking out a business loan for an improvement of your creditors’ position. This way you can continue to pay creditors on time!